There’s a place, a hidden valley surrounded by incredibly beautiful mountains, where…..

Where the winter scenery, the snow-covered forests and high-altitude meadows can show you how Paradise looks like. An unspoiled corner of alpine nature! Today we’ve put our snowshoes on and we have followed the so called Adolf Munkel Trail, which runs below the Odle/Geisler Mountains, and is one of the most spectacular trails in the Dolomites.

The trail starts at the parking area in Zannes/Zans, at the end of the Valley, the number of the trail is 6 and you’ll have to follow this number until you reach the bridge. We turned right there, and then followed signs to Adolf Munkel Weg, trail n. 35, until we got to the Gschnagenhardtalm alpine pasture (recommended) and the Geislerhütte mountain hut. Here you can enjoy what the locals call the “Geisler Cinema”, an area where the spectacular mountains offer incredible views that you can enjoy from the comfort of a sunbed and its sheepskin. We continued along Trail n. 36 to the Dussler Alm alpine pasture and then went back to Zannes hut for the best slice of Strudel cake of our life. Food and drink is served at all huts, but opening days and times may vary, so please check with the locals before you start your hiking adventure and bring some water and food to get some energy during the day.

4 hours return for an average hiker.


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