Dolomites with your kids

The Dolomites: a unique place in the world that is also very family friendly and has lots of activities for kids, from the epic outdoor adventures to bowling and ice skating.

Today we proudly present a very special experience we offer to our small guests: the hike with a sweet, fluffy alpaca or lama on the leash! An occasion for children and adults to know more about these lovely animals while having a lot of fun. The trekking consists in a relaxing walk with a beautiful view, and takes place only twice a month from June to September, so we kindly ask you to get in touch with us at least a couple of weeks before your holiday starts to make sure you get your spot (there’s still some places available on the following dates: July the 6th and the 18th, August the 8th and the 29th).

Don’t forget that our family hotels include a variety of amazing activities for your children, and some of them have special nannies that can look after newborns too, while mum and dad enjoy a few hours of sport, or a bit of relax at the SPA (special offers for families are available both during summer and winter).

We can help you planning your holiday with packages made of easy via ferrata and basic climbing experiences for your toddlers, and we can suggest the best hikes through enchanted woods where your kids will get to play and know more about the animals of the area, without forgetting that the Dolomites are also about delicious, homemade food, and that’s why our hikes always include stops in the best huts of these mountains!