About me, about us….

A flight attendant. A photographer. A travel agency for a select few, with a great passion about organizing special taylor-made and luxury holidays. A person that’s been travelling around the world, realizing al the same time the importance of finding a place that really suits you, a place you can call “home” cause when you’re there you can go back to being yourself. That place, for me, is this area of the Italian Alps, a place under the spell of the most beautiful mountains on earth that hides amazing secrets. In an increasingly busy world I do understand how important your moments of holiday are: just a few days to relax and to go back to work with a renewed energy. That’s the reason why I would love to unveil the secrets these valleys are keeping, sharing with you the real beauty of this world.

I work together with people that through the years became friends more than just alpine guides, ski teachers or owners of the best accommodations: the level of service they provide and the effort they put in making the customers’ journey the best experience they’ve ever had is something you can feel from the very first moment you open your eyes in this amazing little corner of the world.

Passion, love for the little details that make a difference, for the wellbeing philosophy that here involves food, wine, outdoor activities, wellness experiences and all that can make your body and mind brand new at the end of your holiday: this is what we would like to share with you. If you’re looking for a few days of perfection, where you don’t have to worry about anything, you’re on the right pages. We’re ready to take care of you!